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Thread: New 6.8 build

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    I like my 18" arp barrel a lot, it gets 3050 fps with a 90gr bullet with a stout charge of re 7 during Texas summer. .6 " groups as well. Depending on how much you want to spend mega makes really good receivers or if you want to go the less expensive route aero precision is good but you should true the receiver if going with them.

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    Small pin Colt.

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    Start with an ARP barrel and bolt. From there you can decide what "reasonable" is. Aero or PSA blem upper at ~$75 or Baddle Arms or Mega for $250-300.

    Hand guards are a preference thing. I like the Midwest Industries stuff, but that diamondhead looks nice.

    If you don't want to build, look at Bison Armory, I believe they a sponser here. It would give you an idea what the cost would be to buy a very nice complete upper. Good luck. Keep us updated.

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    You didn't say anything about your hunting style, but for me I like to keep the weight down and don't expect to shoot much past 200 yards. So, for me, an 16" ARP Scout is about perfect (and I just rec'd a 12.5" for an SBR build). For handguards, the Bravo Company KMR-A is pretty hard to beat all the way around. Very light weight, feels great, reasonably priced (~$160 if you know where to look), and perhaps the best mounting system on the market (no indexing required...but follow the instructions / torque specs carefully and you will need a heat gun).

    Here is my BCM KMR-A13 over a 16" ARP Scout:

    It's a great rifle in the field and very accurate.

    As far as stripped uppers go, I generally go with Aero Precision. The Bravo Company uppers, however, are undersized for the barrel extension on purpose to make for an extremely tight fit (you pretty much have to heat the upper and cool the barrel for it it to work) if that is very important to you. I have one but haven't used it because I don't like the idea of how difficult that will make removing the barrel.

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    I hunt in very thick brush, usually in a climber. Keeping weight down would be a plus but im not too concerned being that im accustomed to carrying a heavy firearm. As of now im looking into an ARP 16" scout barrel, aero precision upper reciever, and a diamondhead vrs handguard. I will probably top the build with a Vortex Diamondback 3-9x40. Havent decided on muzzle brake yet. (Mainly want one because i dont have one on any of the other ARs.)


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