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    Default S&B Ammo

    My local distributor has 110gr. S&B ammo available, 50+ boxes at $13.50 each.

    if anyone needs any I can pick it up and ship @ actual cost.


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    Quote Originally Posted by aware3218 View Post
    While I genuinely appreciate everyone's "help," does anyone know the answer to the question I asked in the initial post?

    Do you know when S&B will do their next production run of 6.8?

    Maybe no one knows and that is ok. Just trying to figure out if they operate on a scheduled cycle or just do a run when they get around to it.
    S&B like any other company runs everything on a schedule. It is not like Joe's Garage where you can get something done when you want it. S&B is a foreign company and I am certain that no one here has a hook up to information that S&B is unwilling to share. Why don't you look them up and send them an email asking them?

    Just wait till next season!

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    I am connected with S&B.
    3 cartridges run on the same line as the 6.8.
    5.56 and 300 Blackout also share the production line.
    They are pumping out 5.56 currently and will be for a bit.
    Its is my understanding that 300 BO runs after that, then 6.8.
    As soon as my contact lets me know when 6.8 is expected to start running again I will let you know.
    He did say they wish they had more 6.8 as it sells out fast here in the US.
    Demand is not high enough for a dedicated production line for 6.8 alone.
    Cavity Back Bullets

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    The 6.8 SPCII, the best all around cartridge available in the AR15 platform.

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    Thanks Yama.

    Also, feel free to update us on when we can expect some Cavity Back factory loads. I will be placing an order on a few boxes of those as well.
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    You can also go to PSA and get on their waiting list. When 6.8 Sellier & Bellot is plentiful, PSA sells them cheap.

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    Now we need someone who has Federal's ear to get some more 90 gr XM ammo.

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    You can order some from, it says in stock 19.99 a box and I believe free shipping.


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