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    Just saying hello from Central Texas. I try to shoot as much as possible, with the price of ammo not as much as I would like.

    I have a few AR15s I built and sold some because frankly 5.56mm doesn't really spin my propellor as much as other rounds. I do have a CMMG Mutant 16" and a pair of PSA KS47 pistols I like shooting better than the 5.56, cheaper ammo and just more fun. Also a CMMG 308 because frankly I didn't want to spend the money on a SCAR 17. And there it goes, I don't want to spend the money on a SIX8 so I am going to build a 6.8 SPC upper and try it on one of my AR15 lowers. If it works well I'll build a lower for it.

    So I will do a lot of research as I always do. Find out half the stuff I want is either too much money or the good old "out of stock" which I see all too often.

    I just want to put together a mid priced 6.8 SPC AR. I don't hunt, I don't operate and I don't care what other people say or do. I just like to build/assemble guns and make them work well then shoot them as much as I can.

    Having carried a M16A1 in the Army I always felt I'd rather have a more powerful weapon and not care about the extra weight as long as it's not like a 7.62x51/308 type weight. Having handled a LWRC SIX8 but not shooting it I thought well this is it.

    We'll see, I will search this web site for info and might ask a question or two, wish me luck, thanks.

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    Welcome from the Lost Pines of Texas......Glad you found us.
    "The gas came from a hole in the rear."

    The 6.8 is the fastest growing cartridge and #1 choice for hunting deer and hogs with an AR15."

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    Welcome to the best board on the net.
    Waving a hand from the piney woods hills of North East Texas.

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    welcome to the forum
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    Welcome from NC!
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    Thanks guys


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