SSA 110gr AB factory ammunition slow?
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    Default SSA 110gr AB factory ammunition slow?

    Hi everyone,

    I shot some factory SSA 110gr Accubond yesterday with 16" and 11.3" barrels. Box says 2700fps (dunno what barrel length) and my chrono showed 2365 for the 16" and 2235 for the 11.3". I shot lots of other kinds of ammo and the speeds were all very close to what the box claims. Both 115gr Fusion and 120 SST shot faster than the AB (2454 and 2421 respectively). Temperature was 40 degrees F.

    It's easy enough to choose a different round, that's not the issue, but 2365 fps is a far cry from 2700. Even if 2700 is from a much longer barrel, I would still expect a 110gr bullet to be somewhat close to a bullet that was heavier!

    Any ideas why that might be? Anyone get vastly different numbers using the same factory load?


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    Hard to say as SSA ammo has changed over the years since Nosler bought them out. Ammo for most part has been slower in recent years. If you google SSA 110 Accubonds, you will see different specs. No telling if boxes are revised as specs change. From Natchez data:


    SSA Rifle
    Mfg Part#

    • Description
    • Specifications
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    Silver State Armory
    6.8mm SPC
    110 gr
    Bullet Type
    2550 fps

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    Same here ,box says 2700 but chronograph said 2500 out of 18" ARP barrel while 120 SST and federal 90 and 110 were faster than box advertising .The spot on app puts SSA at 2500 and I noticed the box shows 1.5 sight highth so not AR specs for sure

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    I've stopped buying SSA ammo after repeated examples of this. I have older SSA ammo that is great, but the newer stuff is anywhere from slow to reeeeeeaaaalllyyyyyy slow, as in several hundred fps slow. This is with 6.8 & 223.

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    Even though they are slow they work. When I saw a coyote cross my back yard about 120 yards out I grabbed my 6.8 with the 2540 average velocity SSA 110 ab. He was slightly angling towards me so I squeezed at the point of his shoulder . I was not surprised he dropped dead right there but the size exit hole was impressive .I will definitely work with this bullet and the 100 to try to get velocity up from these factory rounds but feel they would work just fine for white tail if need be .I need to figure out how to post pictures .

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    Nosler absolutely ruined SSA and all I have seen is complaints about slow velocity and out of stock products. I don't know why a major company would buy a successful smaller company and destroy it by producing under speced products and production shortages. As good as their products are I will never buy another.


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