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    It took me at least 50 taps/whacks to get it out, but good news all around!

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    Ive gotten many a bullet stuck while firelapping a revolver ---- the powder got fouled from the grease based lapping compound on the base of the bullets ---- but I was prepared as when firelapping a revolver you use a very low charge and can get bullets stuck pretty easily ----

    I found that a large heavy hammer on the end of the rod will get the bullet out easier ( 2 to 3 whacks) rather than a lighter hammer (has to do with the laws of physics and inertia) ---but then again I was using softer lead bullets specifically designed for fire lapping

    I also once got a bullet stuck in a muzzle loader --- same thing goes with that one---- tried to get it out at the range with just the ram rod and it just got stuck even more--- used a heavy hammer (5 pound) and rod at home and it came right out

    If you are not careful with an all lead bullet you can actually cold swedge it in the bore with light strikes as it will deform from too much pounding

    is the residue leftover when you subtract chance from preparation.

    If you reload, turn a flat based bullet around and seat it backwards in the case with apx .170 of the full dia part of the bullet left outside the case. Chamber it. If it chambers you have a SPCII. If not start seating the bullet deeper. If the full diameter part of the bullets ends up apx .070 out it is a SAAMI chamber.

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    Glad to hear everybody got their barrels cleared. No fun that.
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    Lessons learned: 1) always always always check the barrel after a FTF (my son was shooting and I didn't hear the primer only go off) 2) double check filled cases with a flashlight or well lit bench when using a single stage press (it's easy to go too fast reloading 9mm).


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