Where do you buy your 38 long colt brass?
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    Default Where do you buy your 38 long colt brass?

    Do you buy it directly from starline or is there a cheaper place?


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    Default how many?

    starline sells them in lots of 500 or 1000
    midway has lots of 100 for $18 (but out of stock)
    Graffs has lots of 100 for $20 and in stock

    If I buy new pistol brass ( rather than once fired) I get all my brass form starline now --- just bought some 357 starline brass from cabelasbargin cave for 12.99/100 a few weeks ago ( cabelas shows 38spl, 38S&W, and 357mag, but no long colt in 38)

    is the residue leftover when you subtract chance from preparation.

    If you reload, turn a flat based bullet around and seat it backwards in the case with apx .170 of the full dia part of the bullet left outside the case. Chamber it. If it chambers you have a SPCII. If not start seating the bullet deeper. If the full diameter part of the bullets ends up apx .070 out it is a SAAMI chamber.


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