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    Please forgive my ignorance. This will be my first barrel replacement. I just purchased a Wilson Combat 18in 6.8 fluted sniper barrel. What hand guards can I use? Gas block should I be using?

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    If you want more than basic round .......check out the magpul designs. Great practical and affordable.
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    Default Magpul HGs?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tanlover442 View Post
    If you want more than basic round .......check out the magpul designs. Great practical and affordable.
    I might be wrong, but are Magpul handguards Free-float? I'm partial to Bravo company's myself...nice and light even at 15".
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    The WC 18" Super Sniper ( http://shopwilsoncombat.com/Match-Gr...o/TR-68USS18F/ ) is a heavy profile barrel that takes a .937 gas block. I recommend the SLR Sentry 9 for an adjustable, but they list them as .936 so the safer bet might be to get the gas block directly from WC: http://shopwilsoncombat.com/Match-Gr...o/TR-68USS18F/

    I am a fan of BCM KMR-A hanguards, but I'm guessing you'll have clearance problems with the gas block on a heavy profile barrel like that so you might want to consider a larger inner diameter handguard. I'd personally lean towards a ~15" handguard for an 18" barrel and I prefer KeyMod over M-LOK. I also prefer handguards that don't require timing the barrel nut. SLR Rifleworks would be a good place to look, but handguards are pretty much driven by personal preference and there are a lot of good options on the market.

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    Samson evolution. Traditional or keymod. Though I have become a fan of the keymods.

    gas block, grab a Syrac or a Superlative.
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    The new Aero Precision quantum hand guards have a larger interior diameter, not timing for gas tube, as well as both Key Mod and M Lok. Price is nice too. granite ridge outfitters has the best price I have seen online.
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    Thanks for the feed back, some really good info.


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