6.8 Performance Testing Report 2008
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    Overview: This is the report that was written from the data we collected from performance testing of various barrels with different chamber and bore specs and ammunition. Chambers, Twist, Rifling etc effects on performance as well as the top end of the 6.8's performance capabilities. This was a more technical follow up test from the one done prior which is also a sticky below in the forum (http://68forums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=840) which relied on more anecdotal but time tested observations. This new test used more scientific and technical equipment and testing procedures and was build from the first testing. As this latest test was done a year ago even more advancements and performance data has been collected that further support this report and have taken the 6.8 even further. This report was circulated to most manufacturer and 6.8 builders after its release last year. Since then we have seen the industry gravitate towards better performance specs. The longer leade chamber SPCII has now become the standard and most all companies that are updating are switching to rifling with less grooves and slower twist rates. 11-12 twist and 3,4and 5 grooves seem the norm for those updating as well as the slower 11-12 twists. I think all the members of this site and companies like SSA have all contributed to get companies to offer barrels with specs that maximize the performance of the 6.8. Looking were we have come and that almost all of the changes came from pressure at the grass roots level (the actual shooter) it is a fine example of how the end user /consumer with the use of the internet can effect change. It shows that when people get behind a goal and make sure we supply supported facts that companies will and do listen to info and dialog from the internet. IMO everyone has had a part in the development of the 6.8 caliber and we all get to share in the benefits. There are more and more 6.8 users coming to this forum daily with this forum now up to over 10,000 memebers. At this time last year we had just broken 4000.

    Entire Report for Download: 6.8 Performance Testing Report

    Summary Chart for Download: 6.8 Performance Report Summary Chart

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