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    IMO the Nosler 130s are too long to load properly and fit in a 6.8 mag. Not sure about the long load mags CBB is selling.
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    I have six boxes of the 140 grain Berger VLD's loaded by the old SSA. Hat tip to Art. I am not sure I even want to fire (all of) them.

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    Further info on the S&B ammo:

    the 110 gr PTS is made for S&B by Hornady per S&B website. http://www.sellierbellot.us/products/rifle

    Hornady Plastic Tip Special: Sellier & Bellot combines the highest-quality brass, primers, and powders with the Hornady PTS polymer tipped projectiles for peak performance. The Hornady PTS features a polymer tip to reduce drag and improve aerodynamics for flatter trajectories and improved accuracy. Hornady PTS bullets differ from other plastic-tipped rifle bullets because they were designed to be a big-game bullet. The copper jackets used on the Hornady PTS bullets are thicker than the jackets used on varmint bullets, which aids in weight retention and assists in penetration deep into the vitals.

    The S&B FMJ load is a 110 gr bullet, which does not show up when doing a search on S&B website as of today's date.
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