The TNVC TM14 Mk3 is a lightweight, low profile mounting solution for the standard issue AN/PVS-14 Night Vision Monocular. It is designed to allow rapid attach and detach from the Aimpoint Twist Mount Base. The TM14 Mk3 is the lightest and least obtrusive mount for the PVS-14. It clamps around the PVS-14 Objective Lens Locking Ring and has a low-profile footprint for interfacing with the Aimpoint Twist Mount base (sold separately). The footprint faces forward under the objective lens, allowing the operator to quickly and easily index the unit into place. Its low profile ring locks with a single machine screw located at the base, leaving an uninterrupted band around the objective lens housing. This feature keeps the TM-14 Mk3 from interfering with the Gain Knob and IR Illuminator.
The purpose of the TM14 Mk3 is to provide an ultra-fast and secure method of transitioning a PVS-14 between a helmet and weapon mount. The placement of the adapter allows both the TM14 Mk3 and J-Arm to stay on the optic at all times. This allows the PVS-14 to transition in seconds and requires the use of only one hand! Today’s modern battlefield is seeing bad guys with night vision too. More and more, the Warfighter and Law Enforcement Professional is needing to go passive with his or her NV because IR lasers broadcast their position from a long way off. The ability to transition from active to passive NV deployment is essential, allowing the good guys to stay a step ahead. Drawing from our own experience and implementing feedback from the front lines, we designed the TM14 Mk3 to be the most versatile, low profile, and practical mounting solution for the PVS-14.
As a follow up to the wildly popular original TM14 and TM15 Mk2, the TM14 Mk3 boasts some new small features that provide big benefits to the user. After listening to customer feedback, we have decided to move the integral lanyard loop further down the side of the ring. This keeps it out from under the J-Arm when using a traditional standard issue helmet mount adapter. It’s always a good idea to dummy cord your night vision goggle to your helmet or weapon system. The lanyard loop provides a solid, low profile attachment point for this application. It is offset so as to not interfere with the goggle’s IR Illuminator. Simply attach a small loop of 550 cord or a zip tie to the TM14 Mk3 and run your lanyard straight to it.
Next, the Mk3 features an improved angle on the underside ramp to facilitate indexing it onto the Aimpoint Twist Mount Base. Material has also been removed from the underside of the unit to decrease weight. Lastly, all edges around the ring have been reduced with a more pronounced chamfer to make them less sharp. We have no doubt you will love the improvements found in the TM14 Mk3.

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