130 grain bullet load?
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    Default 130 grain bullet load?

    Ok guys I am getting a 6.8spc II ar and I want to load for it so here is my question I have a bunch of 130 grain .277 dia bullets does anyone load these for this caliber if so what's your load.

    Thanks horsemen61

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    What 130 gr bullet is it?
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    I have loaded Berger 130gr (.452BC) with 26.9grs of AA2200 that got me 1.071" at 100 yards. It's the only 130gr bullet I've found that I can seat deep enough to allow me to use my magazines without going beyond the ogive.

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    I play with the 130s and 140s a little, h335 will be your friend.

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    From my understanding the shorter 130 gr bullets work best but I have some 130 gr Berger VLDs that I will be trying out. These need to be loaded as long as your magazines will allow.
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    The bullets are Sierra game kings would they work

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    I've loaded the Berger Classic as the regular VLD. The regular VLD shot better, for me. I used H335 and AA2200. The Aa2200 provided the best grouping and speed. Here is the write up. I also shot a good size hog with the regular VLD and was happy on how it performed.


    I don't think the spreadsheets came up and I am at work right now. But with AA2200 I used up to 27.5, and H335 was 30.0. When I get off shift in a few days I can give ya speeds.

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    I have a ton (1500?) of the 130gr Nosler Flat Base Spitzers. I should probably work up a load for them... or save them for Constructor's 270AR chambering.

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    I use the Speer 130 gr BTSP's (# 1458). They're shorter for a 130 grain bullet and have a nice ballistic coefficient of .449. Loaded to 2.295" using 27.5 gr of AA2200 they average about 2,515 fps out of my 20" barrel and shoot under MOA.

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    Is there any published load data with a bullet this heavy


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