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    Hey Guys, trying to find out some info about a rifle my uncle just "panic" bought. Its a cmmg and he says its a spcI chamber but I haven't got a chance to look at it, and he has no experience with ARs. Did CMMG make a spcI rifle? If so how bad was it? Where can we get a drop in reamer? Anything else about CMMG?

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    CMMG's barrels are spcII chamber, but there are two different rifling. If it's a 1/11 it should be good, but the 1/10 version is not so good.

    Here is a barrel chart that will help.
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    CMMG turns out quite a bit of melonite stuff so make sure the barrel is not melonite as I think it will trash a chamber reamer. As for SAAMI chamber, it may not be the best but it still works better than 5.56
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    I contacted CMMG awhile back to ask about their chamber. My barrel says CMMG 6.8 NATO 1-10. They emailed back and said that all their barrels are spc II and safe for all factory ammo. I have no complaints about accuracy or pressure issues until I get on the very high end of some of the published loads from members here. I do as anyone should and work up slowly. I would not consider my barrel "not so good", but I would not put it in the same category as an ARP barrel either.

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    1/10 SPC II will run some pretty warm loads. My LMT 1/10 SPC II 6 groove handles just about everything all my other better spec'd 6.8's can run. My 1/10 SPC II 4 groove Armalite handles hot loads just fine. In fact I've yet to hit a pressure ceiling with it. So for the ''not so good'' comment, I disagree. Happy shooting, you'll be fine.
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