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    Default 110gr Sierra Pro-hunter info

    The first of the bullet info gathering threads, lets try to keep the chit chat to a minium and not argu with others opinions. Please just post the facts or your experience with the bullets. How they performed on game, the accuracy of the bullet and loading data that produced good accuracy. If you don't have any experience please let those that do have experience provide the info for others to learn from.
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    BC- .314
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    Cheap and very accurate in my rifle. Performed poorly on hogs had to shoot each hog multiple times. In fact I almost sold my 6.8 they performed so poorly on hogs.
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    Another universally accurate bullet for the 6.8 SPC. Anywhere from 28.7-29.5 GR of H322 worked great. Also very accurate with just about any powder.

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    Very accurate. Never shot game, only paper and steel. Will shoot .5 inch using SSA brass with a Cartridge Over All Length of 2.295 inches, 29.5 grains of Alliant 10-X powder and a Remington 7 1/2 Bench Rest primer.

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    28.5 grs 2200
    Hornady brass
    tula 556 srm primer
    2.280" oal

    VERY small groups. Sub quarter moa easily.

    Poor performance on deer. Long trails after good hits. Bullet is kinda tough for sub 300# game imo.
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    I don't understand why, but the 110 grain pro hunters have not been very accurate in either one of my guns.

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    I have only shot one hog with it and that was by accident. I usually use 110 gr Barnes but mixed up mags and grabbed the one with the Pro hunters in them. The bullet entered the hog penetrated about 5-6 inches and just exploded. Nothing left but the jacket. I was very unhappy with the results. load was 28 grains H322 and it was a running shot at 50-60 yards. The bullet entered the rear hind quarter and just exploded. The hogs were running away from us after we shot the big boar and this one was the next biggest one only about 125 lbs. This load shoots right at 1 MOA in my 1/10 gun.

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    Very accurate and excellent performance in both of my Stags. 2 hogs and 3 deer last year, all between 75 and 200 yds. None ran more than 20 yds.
    Load data: 29.0 grns RL10X, 2.285" OAL. Avg 2550 fps out of 5H, 2720 fps out of 7H.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paulo_Santos View Post
    Another universally accurate bullet for the 6.8 SPC. Anywhere from 28.7-29.5 GR of H322 worked great. Also very accurate with just about any powder.
    My sweet spot was right in the middle of that range and produced very good groups. Don't let the lead tip and AR action keep you away.

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    Very accurate in my 16" ARP.
    Can easily get .5" groups or less @100 yds.

    Rem brass- CCI 200 LRP- 28.9gr H322- COL 2.285
    SSA brass- CCI 41 SRP - 29.0 gr H322- COL 2.285

    Tested on Antelope. Excellent penetration at ranges up to 400 yds.
    Bullet stayed together with a decent mushroom.
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