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    Default AR Stoner magazines

    I just got two AR stoner magazines from MidwayUSA. I took the 10 rd magazine shooting today. It would not feed the last four rounds. Anyone have experience with these magazines? Did I just get a bad one or are they all bad?
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    yup.. I bought the 17 round AR Stoner Mag. I had the exact same problem. I have several 20 round .223 mags one of which had a broken follower. So i took the spring out of that one and put in the 6.8 AR stoner mag. With the different spring it worked better, but still won't keep the bolt back after the last round has been fired...Guess we got what we paid for..

    I also have a couple AR Stoner .223 30 rd mags and I have never had a problem with them at all..
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    I guess I missed this thread when looking for others about my same issue. My followers on my 17rd mags where hacked off a bit on the legs that make them anti tilt. Swapped out the followers with ones that I had in my 10 round mags ( not trimmed off ) and they functioned without any problems.
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    I have two ten round stoner's that function fine. I'll take that POS you have. PM me for my mailing info.

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    I have a couple of 10-round mags and they work fine when overall cartridge length is kept within reason. The mags that i have will accept rounds loaded out to 2.305 but will only feed reliably with 5 rounds loaded. These to came from midway and i have been well pleased with them, but you can get a lemon in anything.


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