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    Default Definitive list of 6.8 short barrel manufacturers?

    Is there a list of who makes 6.8 barrels in sizes <16"? My next project will be a 6.8 SBR. I'm aware of Noveske ($$!!) and I do not want what they have to offer. I am also aware that LWRC has a 10.5" rifle; however, if the barrel is for sale independently, I have not seen it. Doesn't look like AR Performance or Bison offer a barrel shorter than 16". Is there anyone else out there who does, or would I be better off buying a longer barrel and having ADCO cut it down and thread it?

    What I am looking for is a 10.5" barrel with a standard carbine length gas system. This is why I do not want a Noveske, since you have to use their gas block, and ONLY their gas block on them (not to mention they're ungodly expensive anyway).

    What are my options?

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    I recently read a post where Bison confirms they do not... but, ARPerformance may... give them a holler and ask.
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    I have a 10.5 with a car gas, it is stainless but could be sent out with the others barrels for the S Carb tempering.
    AR15 ARP http://AR15Performance.com/ 6.8 SPC barrels
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    http://shop.ironworkstactical.com custom 6.8 uppers

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    nope, do NOT want a Noveske. I do not want to use their gas block, not to mention their prices are unreal.

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    I don't think $365 is too horrific. I hear you about the gas block though. I don't like companies that force you to buy only their parts if you ever want to change anything (can you say Sony?).

    If H is offering you what you are looking for, I would recommend going with him. While I haven't had the opportunity of doing business with him (yet), I have only heard good things about him and his products. My father actually just received one of his barrels (non-sbr...this state really sucks sometimes) and we are very impressed.

    If you search around the forums, you'll also see that his knowledge and experience with the 6.8 is second to none. IMHO, you can't go wrong with one of his.

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    We can custom make you any barrel length you want for the 6.8.

    Stainless steel 1-11" twist poly 3 or 5 rifling.

    Prices start at 215.00

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