16" 6.8SPCII Encore Barrel Threaded 5/8X24
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    Default 16" 6.8SPCII Encore Barrel Threaded 5/8X24

    This is a 16" 6.8SPCII barrel for a Thompson Center Encore. Yes, it is the only Encore barrel I've ever seen with a true SPCII chamber. It is threaded 5/8X24 for use with a suppressor, a thread cap was also made and is pictured below. It was built by Match Grade Machine on a 1 in 12 twist stainless select match blank. Overall length assembled on an encore frame is the same as an ar15 with a 10.5" barrel. Factory heavy contour. Recessed target crown. It was spec'd out to compete against Noveske Ar15 barrels as a proof in concept. This barrel took almost 6 months from the time it was ordered to arrive. You can't just call and order one.
    How it will arrive:

    This barrel has been fired 200X. Included are 107 Once fired Brass. They have been Resized, Trimmed on a Giraud, and primed with remington primers.

    $500 shipped
    More Pictures:

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    That is sweet would look great with my Pro Hunter, How are the groups and what length is barrel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrpwa View Post
    That is sweet would look great with my Pro Hunter, How are the groups and what length is barrel?
    The groups are comparable to the best I've seen on here. My test rig has a 36X leupold, stratton custom trigger, and other tweaks. Well under MOA. Around .5MOA.

    The barrel is 16 inches or 16" and a hair.

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    Still for sale.

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    interested in selling the brass...?
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    Still for sale...

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    very nice setup.

    If i didn't already have a barrel on order (and paid for) from Mike Bellm I would jump on your deal.
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    How is this still here. Same OAL as a 10.5" but with the performance of a 16".....

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    P.M. sent
    Tony P.


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