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    I'm new to the site and have learned a lot reading posting from various members. Thanks. I have a question: What's the pros and cons of cases with small vs large size primers? I assume cases with small primers are stronger because more brass are in the base. What direction is the industry is going on primer size for the 6.8 SPC? I notice SSA sell both size 6.8 cases.

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    Small primer is what you want and what the industry is favoring. Your right on the head strength of the case and also

    the primer doesn't get flattened as easily from pressure as do the large primers. You will get swipes on the case head

    when pressures get to high.
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    There are two manufacturers making SP brass, SSA and Hornady. Remington makes LP, SSA made a run of LP but it is not what they normally make. The SSA LP was run because there was a demand for it. As for accuracy, many have reported comparable groups so it is probably a wash there. Due to the larger flash hole in a LP case the primers show pressure signs earlier than the SP brass will.
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    I use both and can tell no difference in accuracy but, as stated above the SR brass handles higher pressure, hotter hunting loads, better. The SSA brass cost more but will out last the Rem. brass if you are a handloader. I'm slowly switching over to SR SSA brass but I'm still loading some Rem.
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    I like to go to the source. I received the following response from Jeff Kannada at SSA today (his comments are the ones in red):

    Subject: Question about 6.8SPC Cases

    Mr. Kannada,

    Today I placed an order for an LWRC M6A3 in 6.8SPC. I am an active shooter, NRA Instructor, long time reloader. Metallic and Shotshell reloading are two of the disciplines that I teach. LWRC makes an excellent weapon.

    I am now in the process of acquiring magazines (direct from Barrett) and looking into my cartridge options. Good mag.

    I want to buy loaded ammunition for several reasons, one of which is to provide a control medium; i.e., how are my reloads doing compared to factory.

    I also want to purchase brass to combine with the once-fired factory cases to reduce my shooting costs.

    However, I am perplexed. On your web site I notice that you offer 6.8SPC brass in two variants, one with small primer pockets, one with large primer pockets. This brings several questions to mind. The original 6.8 spec called for a large rifle primer. SSA worked with the US Army in further developing this caliber. Thru testing by SSA the military and FBI labs it was determined that the small primer case offered a better standard deviation and accuracy. Since then SSA only manufactures loaded ammunition using a small rifle primer. There are many reloaders using this caliber. When we decided to make only small primer 6.8 ammunition SSA continued to make large primer brass for those customers that wanted it. We have discontinued making large primer 6.8 brass and when our inventory runs out we will not offer in the future. Currently we rarely sell large primer 6.8 brass. I believe most 6.8 shooters are now using the small primer brass. We continue to sell 6.8 ammunition to the US government and they only want small primer cartridges.

    a) Why both primer sizes in the same caliber? Is one primer size better than the other, or more versatile in this caliber? Above

    b) If I order loaded ammunition, which primer size will I receive? We recommend small primer cases unless you order large.
    Does it vary by bullet weight, case manufacturer, etc. and will I end up with cases that have to be sorted by primer size? No

    c) Will I ever receive a mixture of primer sizes in the same box of factory loaded ammunition? No

    d) Do you know which primer size other vendors use in their 6.8SPC offerings - Remington Large/ Hornady Small/CorBon Unknown, etc.?

    On both your loaded ammunition and your brass cases, are there additional bulk price point discounts such as 500 or 1000? Volume discounts available on the web site.

    Do your factory 6.8SPC cartridges crimp the primer? Not typically unless for a large military order and is requested. Many of our customers are reloaders and prefer no crimp.

    Thank you in advance for taking the time to respond.

    Best Regards,

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