I have a Lee 4 hole turret press and a bunch of other Lee stuff that will get a new reloader to loading for his 6.8 in no time. Here is a list of the things I have and the original price, I would like to sell as a whole package but make offers if you want just some of the items and I'll see what I can do.

>Lee Classic 4 hole turret press $95 Midway
>Extra 4 hole turret head $13 Midway
>Lee Auto Disk powder measure with Pro upgrade kit and Micro charger bar $25 and $16 Midway
>Double disk kit for rifle charges $11 Midway
>Lee rifle riser for auto disk to clear safety prime $7.25 Midway
>Lee safety prime(press mount) large & small primer $21.00 Midway
>Lee Auto Prime (hand primer) $13.00 Midway
>Shell holder set for auto prime $13 Midway
>Lee Safety scales $22 Midway
>Lee powder funnel $3 Midway
>Lee Primer pocket cleaner $2 Midway
>Lee Chamfer/De-burring tool $3
>Lee sizing lube 2oz tube $3 Midway
>Lee case length gauge & shell holder for 6.8SPC $4.50 Midway
>Lee cutter & lock stud $5 Midway
>Lee 6.8SPC two die set $38 Bought from Lee
>Lee Factory crimp die $12 Midway (This is the only thing I'm not selling since I'm using it with my other die set but listed it so you wouldn't forget to get one)

Total cost new $294.75 ($306.75 with FCD added)

I'll take $245 + 15 shipping for whole reloading kit since it's all basically new and will get you started nicely loading for your 6.8 SPC.

This is everything you need to get started loading 6.8SPC and you'll have an extra Turret head to setup for a pistol or .223 as well. I have Lee .223 & .40 S&W dies also if you need a set.All you'll need is the components them selves(Brass, primers, powder, bullets(I can supply some CCI400 SR primers also if needed).

Other Items of interest that will speed up your loading that are NIB I will sell with the loading kit.

>I also have a Lee perfect powder measure if you want to charge off the press $20 new I'll take $15

>4oz tub of Hornady Unique case lube $3 (better than Lee lube, kinda like Imperial sizing wax, good stuff)

>RCBS Chamfer/deburring tool $17 new (I have a new extra I'll take $12 for, much better than the Lee tool.

If you don't see something you would like (like a RCBS primer pocket brush kit) or something let me know as well since I have new extra stuff like that that also you might want.

Just look over the list and tell me what you do and don't want and I'll make you a package deal on the items you want and a price to match your needs.

Thanks allot,

PS: The CCI400 primers are $40K(thats good considering no hazmat charge unless you can buy local) and can be smuggled with the other stuff so no Hazmat charge.