: Furniture Sale: Magpul, Larue, Factory, Daniel Defense - priced to move

01-01-2011, 01:39 PM
ALL SOLD--Thanks!

I have several items up for grabs to clear out space. Priced right, all items shipped via USPS, paypal preferred. Best bet is to email me directly: griffonsecurity@gmail.com

Ebay feedback under username sn8kbit.

Here goes:

OD Green factory Armalite midlength handguards, A2 grip and M4 style stock. The Armalite stock is for commercial extentions, the other is a BCM stock in milspec dimension.

Full set with one (1) stock in size choice - 25$ + shipping. Whichever single stock is left over - 10$ plus shipping.


Old school retro from my preban SGW A1. Coated aluminum on 6 position commercial receiver extention. Round carbine length handguards with bipod swivel. Includes original 2.8oz buffer and newish carbine length action spring.

Full set, and I'll throw in an A2 style grip I've not seen before (no pic at the moment, forgot) - 50$ + shipping


found the grip pic (rifle not included):


A1/A2 rifle stock (couldn't tell you which) with 2 rifle buffers, 1 Wolf XP spring, 1 standard spring. 40$ + shipping

SPF to Sharpshooter


Magpul black MOE stock, commercial size with enhanced pad. Great stock, I've just really liked the change to Vltor. Like brand new, no scuffs scraps ect.

No Longer Available

Laure UDE kit. Comes with milspec sized CTR stock and thicker commercial pad, Laure QD foregrip (FUG) and 12 pair of XTM panels which were enough to adequately cover my DD Lite 10.0 rail. Perfect condition also, just removed from my Armalite middy, as I'll be selling that rifle, and using the 10.0 on a different SBR build. Now priced at 239 with Larue's index clips, I believe this was 225 retail with the XTM panels when I purchased it. More of a concrete color, I really liked it. Again, Vltor doesn't offer this color so this set needs to move on. I believe the now have Pmags available in this color.

130$ shipped. SOLD


On the rifle:



Daniel Defense sights. Mounted once, never zeroed or shot with. Front and rear, I'd rather not split these up.

60$ shipped. SOLD


01-03-2011, 12:37 AM
A1/A2 rifle stock (couldn't tell you which) with 2 rifle buffers, 1 Wolf XP spring, 1 standard spring. 40$ + shipping

I will take this if still available.

01-28-2011, 07:35 PM
if you still have this let me know I will take the grip and stock. A2 grip and M4 style stock